Casino Programs for High Rollers and Light Gamblers

Many casinos offer lucrative bonuses and incentives, with rewards programs that are free to join. Whether you are travelling overseas for the first time or are a regular vacationer, a high roller or a newcomer, you can be sure that there are rewards out there to match your style, budget, and preferences. Here is a brief intro to learn about different incentives that may fit your trip.


These programs are best for family members who choose to link accounts as to pool their bonus points. They are also a good choice for players who don’t have time for casino-hopping and want to gamble in just one casino. Obviously, they also target slot machine players, and the goal is to collect as many rewards points as possible. These are also called identity points as customers are asked to insert their identity card in order to play. Unlike game slot online versions, here you have standard machines that allow you to collect points. Other ways to pick up points include purchases made in qualifying nightclubs, salons, shops, spas, and restaurants as well as hotel bookings. Points per $1 spent typically vary based on whether you spend on video poker or slots or on entertainment and general activities. There are extra perks to consider as well, including companion room nights, free overnight stays, and special offers.


These programs target customers who prefer to play games other than slots. If you are a high roller, better skip them. They typically have different tiers that allow members to earn credits, and top tiers are often by invitation only. The selection of benefits that players enjoy includes concert tickets, better rooms, and even longer stays. Players rise through the different tiers by spending, be it at the gas pump, shop or spa or in the casino. Non-spendable comps are offered to non-players staying at the resort.

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Light gamblers will find plenty for grabs when it comes to perks and incentives, including discounted spa treatments and redeemable hotel nights. Incentives such as the holiday gift shopper feature points that can be exchanged for goods at the year’s end. Programs targeting light gamblers are surely not lacking in terms of entertainment such as private dinners with celebrity chefs, swimming with dolphins, diving with sharks, and plenty more. Family members that show proof of living at the same address are offered the option to link their accounts. This means that they can share and enjoy the rewards they get together. The selection of benefits that couples enjoy includes high standard accommodation, drink and meal freebies, and priority restaurant reservations. An added benefit is the fact that members can view all offers by simply accessing their online account. Joining the program is also easy as all you have to do is sign up.