DHHL’s idea of ​​opening a casino in Hawaii will face challenges

DHHL’s idea of ​​opening a casino in Hawaii will face challenges- The current pandemic has had a major impact on various countries in the world. There is no difference between developed or developing countries when it comes to the impact that the COVID-19 virus brings. The economy was paralyzed, and many countries had to rack their brains as well as possible to get out of this very difficult situation. Some countries are able to overcome this problem even though they are not fully able to solve it and fully recover. On the other hand, there are countries and governments that are still unable to fully cope with the impacts. This also forces them to find a way out, even though it will be a controversial decision.

The right decision is not easy to make. Moreover, this pandemic condition is still not over even though it has been running since the beginning of last year. With these conditions, the impact that can be felt could be even greater, and in the end the community will get the biggest impact from this problem. Related to this, Hawaii is one of the locations that is looking for the right solution to overcome the existing situation. In fact, the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (DHHL) took an idea that was controversial. This pretty bold approach was the idea of ​​opening a casino in Hawaii. The plan, this will be opened in Kapolei on the island of Oahu.

This decision and approach is certainly not an easy one. However, currently DHHL can be said to be in a very depressed state. At least, this department should be able to raise funds of 6 billion US dollars, and this is needed to meet the needs of the native Hawaiians. There are more than 28,000 indigenous people currently awaiting clarification on shelter services from DHHL. This value is certainly not small, even though it is under normal conditions. In the midst of a pandemic like today, the option to get such a large amount of funds is increasingly difficult as opportunities and financial resources are increasingly narrowing to cover those needs.

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However, this DHHL approach will not necessarily run smoothly. This is because this request from DHHL is somewhat unusual and can be said to deviate from what has happened so far in the state of Aloha. So far, this region has strongly opposed the existence of a casino. In fact, Aloha is one of the eight states that do not support gambling and casinos at all, be it commercial casinos or tribal casinos dedicated to indigenous people and tribes. Kentucky is another state in this group, although currently the state is starting to soften. Even Virginia, which initially refused, has now become the 26th state to finally grant permission to develop commercial casinos in its area.

However, DHHL is not without reason in submitting this proposal. The condition of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact, including for the Aloha region, which has so far relied on the tourism sector to survive and develop. With this pandemic, tourism must fade due to travel bans and various forms of lockdowns and quarantines. On the other hand, various regions have proven that the existence of casinos and gambling venues is able to increase the region’s income. Regarding the DHHL idea, this department has even found a location that can be used as a casino business place. That place is Kapolei. However, choosing this place will cause another controversy because Kapolei is one of the largest cities in Aloha.