Football News: Zeman Denies Accusations of Being a Juve Hater

Zdenek Zeman, cagliari’s new coach is known to many as a hater of Juventus, and always gives harsh criticism to the squad with the nickname old lady. However, in fact, Zeman is even so dear to the Juventus side.

Zeman told Guerin Sportivo that he had never had any problems with Juve as a club. He was born as one of the Juventus fans, and also slept with their jersey at night, just as he was born in Turin. He is also just angry with a number of people inside Juventus, and he will still say the same thing even though they work in other squads.

The coach who has been famous for his attacking game has also revealed again the Calciopoli scandal that has made Juventus suffer relegation in Italy’s Serie B in 2006, and at the same time believes there are still some people

involved. Although indeed the trio of Juventus directors keika has been sanctioned namely Luciano Moggi, Roberto Bettega and also Antonio Giraudo.berita bola

Zeman had said some time ago that if the scandal was the whole of a system, there could not be as many as three people involved. After the score-fixing scandal, then they can also start all over again and also try to be able to give evidence to the world of football, but some old faces still remain in the Juve squad.

As a result, he is currently widely berated by Juventus fans every time he is in the city of Turin. He has added that it is a pity that every time he goes to Turin, riots occur and his mother has also been insulted from the stands of the spectators. He also asked the Lega delegation to be able to make a report if they heard a lot of insults, but they did not do that.

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