Gambling Sites in LA County Will Be Closed Due to Surging Corona Outbreak

Gambling Places in LA County Will Be Closed Due to the Surging of the Corona-Corona Outbreak or the Covid 19 outbreak is indeed one of the scourges that scares many people. This fear is certainly not without reason. With the spread of Covid 19, many victims have fallen. One of the ways to deal with Covid 19 is not the hard way but the smart way. The best way of course is to limit the meetings between many people in one place. That is why many government policies in America close some places that are usually used as gathering places with one another. Now, one of the places closed due to corona recently is in the city of Los Angeles.

Closing of Gambling Sites Due to Corona Outbreak

2020 is indeed the most synonymous with the corona outbreak. You could say from January to December this will never be separated from the news about the outbreak. This is certainly a bad thing that many people have tried to find fleeting. It cannot be denied that this epidemic has so many effects. One of them is the economic impact which has decreased drastically. Including in super power countries such as the United States. Even in the last few days in the country the cases have started to increase rapidly. As a result, many businesses such as casinos have been temporarily closed in the country. And some due to the closure of casinos in LA county. As follows:

1. Unemployment has increased

The closure of casinos in LA county was temporary. Because the local government recommends working at home for three weeks. However, this still affects many parties. One of them is the increasing unemployment rate in the area. It is estimated that the employees who work at several casinos in LA county are indeed more than 12,000 people. By enforcing a temporary lock down, of course they become unemployed. This also has not been added to the number of employees who have been dismissed since the middle of the year when the pandemic struck. You could say the numbers will also continue to increase if things don’t go well.

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2. The effect of Las Vegas

Who would have thought that the surge in patients who tested positive for corona in la county also came from las vegass. Las vegas first tightened their casino policy. This is because the rate of increase in cases in that place is getting higher. This has led many people to choose to play casinos in la county. This has both good and bad effects. The good impact is that the casino is becoming busier. But the bad impact of course is that the number of corona cases in that place has risen in the last few days. The temporary closure that has been carried out is indeed just the first step. However, many people hope that this will not be extended because it makes their economic situation bad.

This closure policy is one of the policies that are quite reasonable. By closing down gambling establishments in LA County, it meant reducing and minimizing large gatherings of people. We all know that gambling places are definitely visited by many people. thus the people who usually gather will not gather. This will reduce the spread of the virus which is now a scourge everywhere. In addition, this closure will help to make some people who are already famous for Covid 19 to stay at their respective homes to be quarantined. In the future, this will be enough to affect the economy in the city of LA, but this policy indirectly also helps reduce the LA population that can be infected with Covid 19.