Instructions for Playing Sports Betting

Often times when a team is in a winning streak, the bettors are always in favor and the handicap increases. Keep this in mind as you analyze games. Often teams on a winning streak will not cover the increased point spread.

The same principle applies at the start of a new season. It’s very common to see the previous year’s Super Bowl winner become a heavy favorite during the first few games of the following football season.

It’s not uncommon to see a point of up to twenty points or more for college team matches. Many college teams cover up this large deployment with ease; they can and do win by a large number of points, more than the pros. The NFL point spread tends to be much lower, in the three to six point range. It is not uncommon to see NFL teams being favorites to over fourteen points.

Analyzing the spread of points can go a long way in finding potential causes for losing bets. The home advantage is worth about three points in the NFL and about six in college games. So, when you look at an NFL team that is “poor” by a point or two, you may have a potential factor in the loss. The same is true of college team matches, where the team that is seeded by less than six points may lose when they are playing at home.

When you bet on football and basketball with a 110 point spread to win 100 on each bet, you have to win 52.38 percent of your bet just to break even. This is because you have to cover the vig (bookie commission) charged by the sports book. Vig makes a 4.5 percent house edge on this bet.

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