The Best Online Football Gambling Game for Beginners

Beginner players who want to be successful at playing online soccer gambling, now they have to be enough to be a trusted soccer site. Because the site has created a lot of the best games that are ready to be used as prime bets.

In essence, all members can win without having to dominate the betting arena. When they know which bets are the best and easiest, on that day they can get a point of satisfaction and victory and take home millions of rupiah in no time.

4 Kinds of the Easiest and Simplest Online Football Gambling Game

Online soccer gambling games always provide satisfaction for players, especially if they win But below we have reviewed the easiest and simplest games only for beginner bettors, including:

1. Over Under
This first game can be said to be very easy, How come? Because all members only need to determine the Under position when the final score in the match is below the predetermined prediction. Say, they guessed the Under 2 goals bet. They win when the ending score is 1 – 0 or 0 – 0.

While in the Over option, they win when they choose Over 2 goals and the final result is over 2 goals. Of course this game is very easy for all members. Because so far, not a few players have successfully won it. Even so, the benefits provided are still in standard figures.

2.1 x 2
This second soccer gambling bet is also suitable for all new players. The reason is, they only have to choose number 1 if the home team wins, 2 if the visitors win or maybe X if the match ends in a draw. Freely, they can choose the position as they like.

However, the win leaks in the game are always born if the player prefers the 1st position or the Home Team. Because the reason is, the home team always looks brilliant when competing at their own headquarters. The proof, more than 50% of football victories go to the home team.

3. Double Chance The
game this time is a derivative of 1 x 2 Online Football Gambling. Each player can only choose numbers 1X (Home or Draw), 12 (Home or Away) maybe even X2 (Draw or Away). This bet is very easy because it always gives satisfactory results for novice bettors.

They don’t need to see the latest soccer predictions and news to win the bet. Because in fact, option 12 is very promising. Apart from that, they also need to have a reliable team to be more mature in winning coffers.

4. Asian Handicap
And this last soccer gambling bet is a prima donna for all circles. Because the rules of the game are very practical and very easy. Where they will get a voor value ranging from 0.5 to 3 goals before the match starts.

So they just need to determine one of the teams that get a lot of votes in that match. Suppose they choose team A with a score of 2 goals. When the final score in the match is 1 – 2, they win. Because the determination of the victory is 3 – 2.

Some of the online soccer gambling games are the easiest and simplest for beginner players to play. They just need to master one of them to be the best on a trusted soccer gambling site.


The Best Facilities Owned by a Trusted Football Gambling Site

Online gambling games are one of the games that can provide entertainment experiences even to profit for each player. With the presence of a trusted soccer gambling site, it makes it very easy for every player who likes gambling where they find it easier when they want to run real money bets safely. So players who often gamble on land in Indonesia no longer need to play in secret because now they can play online gambling games. So that players can play gambling games anytime and anywhere online.

The Football Gambling Site is not just for providing stalls to play gambling bets safely but there are other facilities provided by each player. Where this cannot be found when they gamble on land.

The service facilities that are usually provided will make the players feel profitable and satisfying. Especially for those of you who are still beginners who really want to try playing in an online betting agency, this is the right step. Before you play, you should know the best facilities that are usually provided by trusted soccer gambling sites such as:

Complete game : this is the most important facility that online agents have for each player so they can experience a diverse and complete game. This can give players a lot of experience in the world of online gambling. This usually won’t be found in land-based gambling. Because more and more gambling games are provided, the opportunity to gain experience and benefits for each player can be even greater.

Bonus : this is the most profitable facility for each player. Where when players can rely on this facility they will get even greater benefits. Moreover, jackpot prizes are usually given in several games that are already available on the site.

Backup link : this facility can be used by any player when the main link of the agent is experiencing problems. So every player doesn’t need to worry anymore and can still play online gambling at any time. Usually, in trusted soccer gambling sites already have a backup link for each player.

Services : usually online gambling games have services that can be accessed by every player with the livechat menu. The assistance from the livechat menu is indeed very useful for any player who really wants to ask questions or even needs help when experiencing problems. Even many players get the right way to play from this online CS service.

Transactions and registration : players can also enjoy this facility where when they want to run online gambling, they have to do the registration and transaction process. players can enjoy this facility very easily and have many choices of banks that are very complete when they want to process transactions.

Application : this facility can give players more opportunities to run online gambling. Where playing using an application will certainly look more effective and safer. So a trusted soccer gambling site has certainly provided a game application that can be used by every player. Where players only need to install an application that can be downloaded automatically on the website.

Those are the parts of the best facilities that you can get on a trusted soccer gambling site that you can enjoy directly.


The secret of soccer gambling sites still exist amidst the decline of MSMEs during the PSBB Period

The existence of PSBB during the corona virus pandemic turned out to have a tremendous impact on MSME actors in this country. However, this has no effect on online gambling, including online soccer gambling. In fact, soccer gambling sites are increasingly existing and there are many enthusiasts during this PSBB era. What’s the secret? Find the explanation in the following review!

There are restrictions on trading hours for MSMEs but not for soccer gambling sites

One of the regulations in the PSBB is that there are trading hours limits for traders and other MSME players. This is certainly detrimental to the traders and MSME players. Conversely, soccer gambling sites are not affected by this hourly limit, this is because:

1. Football Gambling Sites Have Easier Access
As is well known that soccer gambling sites are very easy to access or play. Players don’t need to leave the house to be able to play the ball game they want.

Players can access this soccer site anywhere they want, even at home. All they need are gadgets such as cellphones, laptops or computers as media to play and also a fast and stable internet connection to access soccer gambling sites.

2. Soccer Gambling Site Available 24 Hours
Non-Stop Besides being able to be played anywhere, this soccer gambling site can also be accessed 24 hours non-stop and is not compliant with the limitation of hours during this PSBB period. Players can play exciting and interesting soccer gambling matches whenever they want even though it is midnight.

The capital of soccer gambling sites is less than the capital for the production costs of MSMEs

Another factor that also greatly influenced the decline in MSMEs during this PSBB period was due to the greater business capital than the capital of online gambling sites or soccer sites. The capital spent by MSME entrepreneurs will certainly not be enough if the sales turnover is less because of this PSBB.

On the contrary, it is easier for agents on soccer sites to get capital from the many players who have joined their sites during this pandemic. Soccer gambling sites don’t need to spend a lot of capital to run the site because they can get capital from these players.

Public Purchasing Power Decreases but Football Gambling Sites Are Increasingly Crowded with Enthusiasts

The purchasing power of the people during this pandemic has also of course also decreased, resulting in the running of the MSME business itself. However, on a soccer site, players can easily join and place bets on it. This is due to several things, for example, among others:

1. Easy Deposits on Soccer Gambling
Sites The soccer site provides easy deposit terms and conditions for players. Players don’t need to go to an ATM or bank to make a deposit, but can use an i-banking or e-wallet to make this deposit transfer.

2. Cheap Deposits on Football Gambling Sites
Many trusted soccer gambling sites provide cheap minimum deposit limits making it easier for players to make deposits. For example, there is a credit deposit, where players can take part in bets by transferring credit deposits with a minimum deposit of only 50 thousand rupiah.

The advantages that football betting sites give to players during the PSBB period

Soccer gambling game sites also provide many other advantages that can be enjoyed directly by the players, including:

1. A variety of matches and bets that are not boring
in a trusted soccer gambling site that provides many types of exciting and interesting matches to play from the biggest and most popular soccer leagues today to minor leagues that not everyone knows.

In addition, the bets provided also vary. Players can choose small or large types of bets according to their capital. Several types of bets that are usually provided by soccer sites include Mix Parlay, handicap, outright, over / under, odd.even and so on.

2. Harvest Bonuses and Prizes
Winning in online soccer betting betting is certainly highly anticipated by the players. But being able to get bonuses and prizes provided by the site is also the goal for players to take part in bets.

These bonuses and prizes are very diverse and quite large in number. Players can get it easily and quickly. For example, new member bonuses, deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, referral bonuses, daily bonuses, and other attractive bonuses.

Making Money Easily from Football Gambling Sites

Joining and following bets on this soccer gambling site is considered to be able to make money easily. And of course this is very helpful in today’s difficult times. Here are some tips for making money easily through soccer gambling sites, including:

1. Understand the Game Well First
Before joining a soccer bet, you should first study and understand how the bet and the match are going. Extend your knowledge about soccer games such as available leagues, team players, match scores and so on.

2. Be Thorough in Finding Odds The
number of types of matches provided by online soccer gambling game sites will certainly be a little confusing for players, especially for beginners. It’s best to choose matches that provide the lowest and most reasonable odds.

3. Choose Small Leagues First
Although the benefits provided by betting from minor league matches are not as big as big leagues, the chances of winning in this small league are greater. The matches in the big leagues will certainly be more difficult to predict because many teams with good strength play there.

4. Participating in Bets in More Than One Match
If you want to make more money from online soccer gambling games, then you shouldn’t stick to just one match. Players can participate in more than one bet or match to make more money.

5. Avoid Emotions
Playing online soccer gambling cannot be done with emotion because it will have fatal consequences for the player himself. This is because in this emotional state the player cannot think clearly to choose the right bet for them.

MSMEs Decreased during the Pandemic, Turnover Harvesting Soccer Gambling Sites

The decline in turnover of MSMEs due to the PSBB pandemic period of the corona virus was very detrimental for many business actors. This situation certainly causes small entrepreneurs to try their hardest so that their businesses can continue to exist during this corona virus pandemic.

However, surprisingly, the PSBB period did not have much effect and it can be said that it is the opposite of where many sites are increasing. The number of people joining soccer gambling sites during this pandemic has increased the turnover of the soccer sites themselves.

The existence of soccer gambling sites during the corona virus pandemic can be caused by several things, including due to the absence of operating hours limits, less capital, not being affected by people’s purchasing power, many advantages offered by soccer sites and being able to make money easily through soccer gambling games provided.


Advantages of Playing at a Trusted Online Football Agent

People who will play online gambling may have a huge burden to choose which place can be the best choice at the same time that can help bettors to be free to gamble online even though actually doing online gambling is a very activity. prohibited. Gambling players who are interested in online soccer gambling can just decide to become a member of one of the trusted soccer agents. Most importantly, good agents always prioritize profit and satisfaction for all their loyal bettor, even the quality and service they offer is never messing around and is always consistent with the quality they have from the beginning.

Good things can always be found only from the best agents. Even though there will be a lot of hard work that must be done to be successful in soccer gambling, with the support of complete facilities and good services the opportunity to win online soccer gambling will always be there. Some of the best facilities are always part of a trusted agent. Examples of the best services are:

1. 24-hour service every day, even in order to serve the bettor maximally, this dealer never takes time off so that he can specifically provide 24-hour service, provide beautiful and professional dealers as friends for players and maximize their services using livechat services which are always online for 24 hours.

2. Deposit payments in various ways can use internet banking and ATM transactions from Bank Mandiri, Danamon, Panin Bank, BNI, BCA and BRI. Don’t have a bank account, you can use e-wallet accounts such as OVO, DANA, and Gopay. Those who use credit deposits can use certain provider pulses to pay deposits.

3. The choice of online soccer betting is never small so that players don’t easily feel bored because they have played online bets here so starting from handicap gambling, mix parlay, the host knows, odd even, guessing numbers and under over will always be able to be played at a soccer gambling agent this for 24 hours.

4. To play only requires very little capital because the minimum deposit to join this betting agent is only 50 thousand and with a small capital it is impossible for a player to object to playing online soccer gambling at a trusted online football agent.

5. Deposits can use credit deposit or real money deposit. Real money deposits are compatible with online soccer gambling games with a large number of bets, while credit deposits are more suitable for bettors who want to play safe when they have to compete with other players in trusted online football agents.

Trusted soccer agents are basically not the wrong place to gamble as long as they can make the most of the services and facilities available at this football agent. Even if you join the best agent but you don’t know what can be obtained from the facilities and services of a trusted betting agent, everything will end up in vain. So you should know how to take advantage of every facility and service that can be obtained from the best agents, especially to support the success of online soccer gambling that you play there. Your experience and ingenuity are needed to overcome unwanted problems as long as you play soccer gambling at a trusted soccer gambling agent.


Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The best online betting websites and bookmakers go the extra mile to make it easier for their users to deposit and withdraw funds. There are several convenient deposit methods offered on all of the soccer betting websites that the authors recommend, so you can definitely fund your account without any problems.

Withdrawals are easy to facilitate, and the turnaround time is very fast. Especially when it comes to using Bitcoin in your account. Because there are no intermediaries, transactions can be made easy in a matter of minutes on the best soccer betting websites.

Customer Service Website

When your hard-earned money is deposited on online soccer betting websites, you will want to be able to talk to a real person any time if you have any questions or concerns. The top soccer betting websites bring this dynamic to life, and in response, they provide world class service at every level.

Phone agents are very knowledgeable and involved, and they are empowered to resolve most situations on the spot. There are many lines available, and several central lines are open around the clock. Email customer service is also available, along with real-time or real-time chat.

Stability, Intuitive Navigation and Mobile Adaptability

Online soccer betting can be a time sensitive endeavor, and when it comes to saving your own money, you want to be able to make transactions seamlessly. Certain things happen, and this is understandable, but quality moneymaking online sports books have to keep the “downtime” to an “absolute” minimum, and of course they do.

The author has looked at all the soccer betting websites that have great graphics, but you didn’t visit them to see the pinnacle of their web designer portfolio. Ease of navigation is all about sports betting including soccer betting, and the websites that writers love are definitely not bullshit in that respect.

Every online sportsbook that has created a list of authors is tailor-made to easily adapt to the mobile environment. You can place bets from anywhere as long as you can access the soccer betting website via an internet connection.

These are just some of the factors I use when ranking the best soccer betting websites. Here are some other important considerations.

• Various soccer betting markets and betting options.
• Welcome bonus for new customers and ongoing gifts and promotions.
• Competitive odds and lines for the soccer betting market.
• Live betting platform on soccer betting websites during matches.


Ranking of the Best Money-Making Ball Betting Websites

When it comes to ranking money making soccer betting websites, or any type of soccer betting website for that matter, one must remember that people have different preferences and requirements. The “best” soccer betting website for one person may not be the best for another.

That is why the author considers various factors when evaluating a soccer betting website. The author recommends soccer betting websites that offer the best all-round service and perform well in all of the most relevant fields.

However, it is one thing that the author values ​​above all. Soccer betting websites must be proven to be safe and reliable. It must be licensed and regulated, and operate legally in the jurisdiction on which it is based. Also of course all the soccer betting websites that the author recommends meet this important criterion. The benefits of using an official soccer betting website that comply with the regulations of a reputable authority must be clear. The last thing you might worry about when betting online is whether a website will lose your money or not pay your winnings at all.

After the author confirms that the soccer betting website is clearly a legal operation that is safe to use, the author begins to assess all the other factors that make the soccer betting website the top. Here are some examples, namely:


Best Online Football Betting Website

• IDN Sports – The Newest And Best Online Gambling Site In Asia
• MyBookie – Solid reputation and competitive NFL football track.
• BetOnline – Great choice for soccer betting.
• BetNow – The best soccer betting website with fast payouts.
• Intertops – A safe soccer betting website with special bonuses.

American football has become popular all over the world. This makes it still the most popular and the sport with the number one audience in the US, and also the most attracting interest in soccer betting. With that in mind, and the fact that gambling laws are very complex in the region, it makes sense that the author’s focus should be on online soccer betting from the US.

There is general confusion about the legality of online soccer betting in the US. This is exacerbated by recent changes to the law allowing states to handle soccer betting rules on an individual basis. However, it is quite clear to me that there is no law preventing Americans from betting online.

It is very important for Americans to use a reputable soccer betting website. This is because there are several soccer betting websites out there that are definitely not safe. The top soccer gambling sites for US gamblers are listed above and they are all trustworthy.

Also on this page, you will see some of the reasons why you should use an online soccer betting website for your bets, along with a breakdown of the betting options available in sports books that the authors recommend. The author has offered some expert tips to help you win money from your soccer betting exploits as well.


IDN Sports The Best Football Betting Website in 2021

The author has rated the best soccer betting websites for the year 2021, and you can safely gamble online at any of these official sportsbooks with complete confidence. These soccer betting websites are listed below, so take a look at these soccer betting websites today if you are ready to take part.

Absolutely believe that has steered other people in the right direction for them to do online soccer gambling. That’s why the authors conducted various in-depth research and extensive testing when determining the ranking of the best soccer betting websites in 2021 that you can choose from.

There are several factors that the author took into account when compiling the best soccer betting website in 2021 which I will explain later on this page. You will find out exactly why writers rate the best soccer betting websites in 2021 so highly and why they believe they can be trusted with your real deposits.

Let’s start by taking a look back at the best soccer betting websites of 2021 that were recommended and what makes them special.


Betting Bola Online

If you play soccer betting online, then you must use an online betting website. This is the most convenient option for placing your bet, and convenience is only one of its many advantages. It is very important for you to use the correct soccer betting website, because not all online bookmakers set the same standards. By using a higher quality soccer betting website, you will be able to get more profit from your bets.

It can be a challenge figuring out which soccer betting website to use, as there are so many. The author has tested many different soccer betting websites, and recommends which one I think is the best for soccer betting.

To help you get the best experience when playing soccer betting online, the author has also compiled a list of strategies and advice in soccer betting If you can follow the advice given by the author, then you can enjoy everything that online soccer betting has to offer without any hassle.

Ball Betting Strategies & Advice

If you’re determined to make a consistent profit from soccer betting, be sure to take a look and study some of the author’s strategies and suggestions. It is aimed at novice players and those with no soccer betting experience.

Even those who are already winners can learn something here. There’s plenty of straightforward, easy-to-understand advice, as well as some intermediate strategies and advanced concepts. The author must explain that the author does not offer a magical system that will guarantee countless victories, because no such system exists.

It should be emphasized that you should not expect an easy road to success. The author’s football betting strategy section is very comprehensive and extensive. There are many strategies to learn, and it will take time to learn all the information and absorb it. So, you shouldn’t expect instant results in gaining profits in soccer betting.


Ball Betting Basics

Now we come to the really good stuff. This section basically serves as an introduction to soccer betting for beginners, covering all the basics you need to know. If you are already an experienced soccer bettor, it may be okay to skip this part of the guide. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to follow as a refresher on some of the fundamental aspects of doing soccer betting. Here’s a brief summary of what is discussed in this section.

• Advantages & Disadvantages of Ball Betting

Analyze the main advantages that football offers to those who wish to bet on sports, such as the number of betting odds and the large amount of available statistics.

• How to do Ball Betting

This information is especially useful for “absolute” beginners, as it describes every step required to actually start betting on football. It also includes a breakdown of the various choices you have regarding who you place your bet on.

• Types of Ball Betting

There are many soccer betting places that you can choose from. Some of them are very straightforward, and some soccer betting venues are a little more complicated than others. It is important to understand how it works, which is why the author has taken this time to explain each bet in detail.

• Tips for Ball Betting Beginners

The author offers a variety of useful, but simple, tips that will help you make good soccer betting decisions. While this tip is aimed at beginners, it is relevant for anyone interested in gambling.

• Errors in Ball Betting

Most of the people who take part in soccer betting have a fair share of winning bets, but most of them lose money overall. The harsh reality is that you probably will too in the beginning.

There’s no need to worry about that. If you are committed, then you will improve over time. One of the easiest ways to improve your soccer betting skills is to “remove” some of the common mistakes bettors make, and the author has a few suggestions to help you do just that.


Football Betting Guide on IDN Sports

The most popular sport in the United States is idn sports football. In a 2014 survey of sports fans in the US, 35% of respondents listed the National Football League (NFL) as their favorite sports league. Another 11% is registered as college football.

These figures show that 46% of society prefers soccer over all other sports. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that soccer is also the most popular sport of betting in the US as well as being popular in other parts of the world.

The US betting market loves the fact that so many sports fans are betting on. This is because most of them are first fans and second is bettors which means most of them are losers. They may be wondering where to put their money, but they are not really doing things with careful judgment.

Their view is usually that they want to spend a few bucks on a game just to make it more interesting to watch. There is nothing wrong with soccer betting, especially for recreation.


Sports betting The Horse Racing Market That Is Quite Old In The World

The horse racing market in the country is not very popular, but the unique thing is that bettors often choose this market to fit playing in sportsbetting. Actually there is absolutely no similar available which is wrong when you choose to play on that market. But in fact the next game can be won unless you use more than one correct move.

The main thing is to understand the basic rules of horse racing. How to start up the position of each horse then count what affects the victory of each horse. Usually betting on horse races is really popular because it’s simple and doesn’t take up much when the bettor does it. But usually the bettor still thinks wrong so that it is not optimal to bet on this type of sports betting on the market.

If viewed from its history, this horse racing race has been available for a long time. Even in more than one religious literacy, horse racing has been recorded too long. In fact, there is a great opportunity for bettors to be able to achieve various forms of profit from the sportsbetting of this horse racing market. Moreover, then unless the bettor is an expert at reading the atmosphere of each horse and seat before the race occurs, the winning rate can increase drastically once the bettor places a bet.

If viewed from its history, this horse racing race has been available for a long time. Even in more than one religious literacy, horse racing has been recorded too long. Until now, horse racing has always survived and has become one of the sports played in sportsbetting.

Understanding the Concept of Horse Racing in Sports betting

The way a bettor can achieve an advantage while undergoing sportsbetting on the horse racing market is by understanding all the concepts in the horse racing race. If the bettor fully understands how the next race is going, then the bettor can both predict what number horse will win. Usually each horse and seat will be assigned a back number.

From there the bettor will choose the bet. Which horse will win together to reach the starting line first. The main factor that plays the most important role for both jockeys and horses is their fitness or physical atmosphere. The best is that horse jockeys are usually those who have never won before. Because it has the potential to become a dark horse in the next race, which means that the next participant is not included in the calculation to win.

These conditions have been too frequent for horse racing. Once counted with the participants who are recognized as underdogs or who have been repeatedly defeated but have always been able to win. This could be because the business came from the next insane underdog participant or caused by other aspects. Those who understand the concept in horse racing are actually too many varieties and bettors cannot just choose a choice of horse which can win or lose.

If you enter into sportsbetting in any sports market including horse racing, with an atmosphere where you do not understand all the provisions in horse racing, then you will tend to get a variety of results that are much less profitable, even though in fact this sportsbetting game is too simple. for many bettor. Make sure you understand the next thing together and still get a profit as long as you make each bet that the bettor has set.

Do not hesitate to place bets based on analysis

If the bettor has fully understood the scheme of this horse racing race, and when the bettor chooses which number will win the race, then don’t hesitate to bet on that number again. Furthermore, the bettor will get the benefit because as long as the bettor takes provisions based on the correct analysis calculation and not just based on luck.

As long as the bettor is playing the sportsbetting on the horse racing market, be sure to take action and take provisions based on the analysis. Never choose this option without taking prior analysis into account. Because the bettor will have the potential to lose and lose the bet value unless the next thing happens.

So the main thing that maybe too bettors need when dreaming of betting on the horse racing market at sportsbetting is to take careful analysis together. If this is not the case, the bettor should never want to make a profit. Because the real benefits that bettors can get are entirely based on the results of the analysis. Be a bettor who is really good in the aspect of analysis unless you desire to make more profit. Stop asking for the coming of the goddess Fortuna in the middle of the bet the bettor is making, act on real calculations.

Win Horse Racing Based On Real Intuition

Intuition is an action that cannot be released when a bettor plays sportsbetting horse racing because it can support you in predicting things that will happen. Many people think that intuition is too absurd. But in reality intuition can bring the bettor into victory with the next intuition requirement that you sharpen it slowly when playing sportsbetting.

Through this intuition, bettor can always pay attention to every step that is confiscated together while still paying attention to all things related to the competition. With you still paying attention to each horse racing competition that is taking place. You will get the right feelings when you want to risk your capital.

If the bettor regularly continues to play sports betting like this, the end result will be the profit that can be obtained. Gradually the bettor will understand that there is an opportunity to profit when in your mind and your heart is tuned to choose a number based on the results of this analysis and intuition.

IDN Sport As The Right Horse Racing Betting Provider

The best advice for a bettor to play sportsbetting on the horse racing market is to become a member of IDN Sport. That’s where the entire betting on horse racing can turn a profit for the bettor. Moreover, basically, this sportsbetting market has been available for a long time and there are many benefits that have been obtained by members in general.

So it’s too unfortunate if the bettor can’t take full advantage of it. It is better to review more deeply and master the sportsbetting of this horse racing market soon. Just feel how profitable it is for you unless you dream of playing it now, counting on IDN Sport.


How to Calculate Mix Parlay Wins on the Online Football Gambling site

Here we will inform all members of the most complete trusted online bookie betting site mix parlay in Indonesia. So we will discuss how to calculate the mix parlay for these soccer gambling beginners.

1. Mix Parlay Bet All Wins (Full Won)

Mix Parlay to Win All
The method of calculating the mix parlay is very easy, members only see the odds value in the bet you are doing:

Odds: 1.75 x 1.74 x 1.69 = 5,416 then subtract -1 = 4,146 x 150 thousand (The Value of Your Betting) The result is IDR 621 (the total winnings got)

2.Mix Parlay Ball Betting If There is 1 Club that Draws (Draw)

How to Calculate Mix Parlay 1 Draw
How to Calculate a Mix Parlay: If your Mix Parlay Bet draws 1, then for the odds your team draws, you don’t need to count it again. Because what is calculated is the winning odds value then subtract -1 multiply by your nominal bet.

Odds 1.77 x 2.08 x 2.20 x 1.75 = 14,174 then subtract -1 = 13,174 x 33 thousand (your bet value) = IDR 434

3.Mix Parlay If 1 Club Wins Half (Won ½)

Win Half ½
How to Calculate It First of all, we have to calculate the odds of the winning half first. (Won Odds ½ – 1): 2 + 1 = result

For that the odds value (1:90 – 1): 2 + 1 = 1.45 So to calculate the total value of the winnings as below.

Odds 1.93 x 1.66 x 1.82 x 1.45 x 1.95 x 1.75 = 28,852 – 1 = 27,852 x 50 thousand = IDR 1,392 (So the total of all wins)

4. Mix Parlay If One Club Loses Half (Lose ½)

Lose Half mix parlay
If there is one of your bets for 5 teams, there is a half that loses. Then your bet will still be counted. However, the odds that you get when you lose half are not counted again and then divide by 2 under -1 times the bet value.

Here’s how to calculate it with the total winnings:

Odds 1.63 x 2.42 x 1.75 x 1.63 x = 11,251: 2 – 1 = 4,625 x 36 thousand = 166 thousand

5. Mix Parlay If there is 1 club that wins half, the team draws, and 1 team loses half

The calculation method is quite easy, namely: If of the 5 teams you play something happens like this, for the first time you have to calculate the odds of winning half.

(1.52 – 1 = 0.52: 2 = 0.26 + 1 = 1.26)

For teams that draw or draw odds no need to be recalculated and for teams that lose half this means that the odds value is gone. So only the total odds value that wins is multiplied then divided by 2 then less -1 times the value of the bet you made during betting.

How to calculate the total winnings in total, namely:

Odds 1.26 x 1.75 x 1.64 x = 3,616: 2 (Because there is 1 team that loses half then) = 1.808 – 1 = 0.808 x 62 thousand total = IDR 50

Above are some of the correct counting methods when you mix parlay. So that’s all we can say to all football fans in Indonesia. We recommend that you join a trusted football bookie site that has the largest and most comprehensive betting market, only here.



Gambling games are currently very developed from before, as there are currently many online gambling sites which are from soccer agents providing soccer gambling games, online casinos, online poker, online slots. And of course, if we talk about soccer gambling, you must be very familiar with the correct score game. This game that has been famous for a long time has become a game that is quite widely played by players in Indonesia and even abroad. but for those of you beginner bettors who are still confused about how to play, we will provide tips and tricks on how to play the correct score or what is commonly called guessing the score. before discussing how to play it would be nice if you understand what the correct score means, please see

Correct Score

Correct Score betting is a type of game that requires players to guess the final score of a match until the second half (fulltime). and if your guess is wrong then you will lose. and the odds value in this game is quite high considering the high difficulty level. and with only a small capital you can win many times over, for example you put 30 thousand and if you can guess correctly, the winnings you get can reach 1 million. but it all depends on the odds and the kei.

procedures for playing the correct score

– Bets must be made before the match starts – markets will be closed automatically if the match has already started
– and the market for correct score is not always marketed, usually only in big club matches where the market is always provided.

How to play the correct score ??

In playing from this type of bet, namely Guess the score (correct score), of course you have to guess the number of goals that will be generated in the match, and the score results must be exactly the same as what you placed, the results cannot be reversed.
If you choose Score 3-2 it means that the final score in the match must be 3-2 (Home 3-2 Away)
If you select Score 1–1 it means that the final score in the match must be 1–1 (Home 1–1 Away).

In calculating the winning bet type, the correct score is (100 x Odds Value) – 100.It turns out that if you lose the bet, the number of your losses is what you placed in the bet.
The calculation formula in the correct score / guess score game is (Total Bet x Odds Value) – Total Bet

How to find out the Correct Score

an easy way to get a score leak is that you have to do your research first before betting. You can check the previous matches and the performance of the two teams at least during the last 3 matches because usually in the last 3 matches it really shows the quality of the team’s play. And also check the results of the last matches between the two teams in the last few years they met. Usually, the game will be more dominated by those who have a record of consecutive wins when they meet the team they have been against.

And also check the stamina of the players from the two teams because there are several teams that rely heavily on some of their flagship players. So it is very important that you do your research first so you can guess correctly.

guessing the score is widely available on trusted soccer agent sites, you don’t need to be confused to place your bet.
I think our information regarding the correct score can be useful for all of you.


Tricks to Win Corner Bets on Online Football Gambling Sites

Online Football Gambling provides so many types of bets to give players the opportunity to win. Lots of players are interested in the corner bet type. Below is how to win online gambling with the corner betting trick.

Learn the Game

The first thing that must be considered in order to win is to learn this type of bet first. Players must have a lot and precise information about how to place bets with this type of bet. So, players will not lose early just because they don’t know how to bet on this type.

Learn Tim

After studying these types of bets, players must also study the team to be selected. Make sure that the players understand all the conditions and strategies used by the chosen team. So that players will easily predict the result or number of corners. Choose a team whose game can produce a lot of corner kicks.

Study Team History

Before choosing the favorite team, players must see the history or game history of the team in each game that has been running. This is to find out how much intensity the team takes in corner kicks. Players can choose the team that often takes corner kicks.

The Right League

Players must find the right moment to compete. Do not place corner bets on non-scoring matches. Match leagues like Italy, Japan and others usually play with a high and tight level of play. So it will be very difficult to score goals especially with corner kicks.

Determine the Market Type

In this bet type, players are free to choose the over or under market type. To determine the type of market, players can look at the dominance done by the team during the match. One must pay attention to which team is the dominant attacking or defending. Place the over bet type for a strong defense team. Then under for the opposing team whose defense is weak.

Focus on the Roadball

Players are better off placing bets on the street ball. That is, when there is a slight corner kick in the first half, the odds for the bet will be even smaller. Usually the second half will have a lot of corner kicks. If the player is right in the first half, they can still try their luck in the second half.

See Counter Defense

Choose a team with a strong defense to avoid corners or corners by the opposing team. Instead, choose an opposing team whose defense is weak. That way, the team of players will have many opportunities to take corners on the opponent. Players will also easily predict how many goals will be scored from corner kicks.

Look at the Game Conditions

Before the match starts, players must look at the weather conditions at that time. Usually there will be more corner kicks when it rains. Teams will prefer to throw the ball rather than counterattack or put it in the net.

Find the Right Moment

Players must follow or view the match in full or until the match. This will help players find the right moment to bet. For this type of bet, players can start placing bets when the game is running or when they find the right moment to place a bet.

Always patient

Players must remain patient and calm when participating in the game until the game is over. Sometimes there are some tense moments that occur while the match is going on. Take it easy by staying focused on the bet. Likewise, players must be prepared for the risks or results that will be received, and you must look for trusted bookies such as the Viola88 Online Gambling Site which has provided many advantages for existing online soccer gambling lovers.

Do you know how to play corner bets on the Trusted Online Gambling Site mentioned earlier. This article can help players who often get the wrong strategy in the first half to win more often. Don’t hesitate to try and celebrate the victory with the tips above.


Strategy to Win Street Bets on Online Football Gambling Sites

Live betting or also known as street ball involves placing bets when a match is played. Although it is often referred to as live betting, many players also know it as ‘inplay betting’ and ‘running betting’.

So How To Bet Streetball?

The fundamentals are very simple. Let’s say the Premier League match between Arsenal and Tottenham is about to start. You notice that the bookmaker of your choice will offer you the opportunity for live football betting such as on the Vio88 site in the 1X2 results market. The match started and after ten minutes of the match, Arsenal were up 1-0. After a moment or two, the 1X2 match result is reset and takes into account the time remaining in the match and the current score.

Arsenal are now firm favorites to win the game with the odds of a draw now at 6.00. After a while of consideration you decide to support the draw. You believe Tottenham will definitely score at least once and that the odds for the draw are a value bet. You enter your bet, confirm your live bet and you enter. You have now placed a live bet on the match.

How To Make Money By Betting On Street Balls

The most appropriate playing betting strategy depends on your level of experience. There is no point in new players betting live and trying to execute nuanced and complex trading strategies. You are sure to fail. And by failing, we lost money.

Allow yourself to develop a live betting strategy and philosophy as you develop your gaming betting experience. If you are just starting out, we recommend that you place only one bet during this time. Most importantly, pay attention and learn.

While there is no fail proof way to make money by betting directly, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of making a profit.

Understand Value

First, understand the concept of value. If you ask yourself “what is value?” Then you should read this article. Value bets are bets where the probability of an outcome is greater than the probability reflected in the odds.

Maintain Discipline

Second, only place value bets and maintain discipline. Developing discipline in this matter is very important, especially when playing betting. There are many players who are gifted when it comes to identifying the value bets being played. But many have poor discipline and as a result, continue to lose money simply because of their inability to control their emotions in the heat.

Keep records

Third, record all your live bets. If you don’t do this then you will only lose the money bet in the game. Keeping a record of playing bets in such games will help you see when and where you display poor discipline and your emotions get the best of you.

Use Multiple Bookmakers

Fourth, trade bets against each other. This can require some organization when betting live, but betting on an event playing with two or more bookmakers is a great way to increase the return on stakes in your game. Play bets against each other and bet with those that offer bigger odds every time.

Understanding Trading Dynamics

Fifth, understand the basics of supporting and laying down. The modern era in playing betting has made the need to step back and lay (unless you are betting on a betting exchange) superfluous. However it is still worth your time to educate yourself about the dynamics of support and laying.

Understanding How Conditions Affect Opportunities

Sixth, understand how the in-game event you are betting on impacts the live betting odds. Yes, you know how to bet on a football pre-match match. But do you know how events like cards, injuries, goals and other match events impact playing odds? And how many? Regardless of whether you place a live football bet, or any bet on a match in another sport, understanding how the odds will impact is something that can only be gained through experience.
So, those are some of the strategies that you can apply .. Regards Withdraw


Sports Betting Strategy

One of the most popular and simplest betting strategies used by many players is betting against the public. The logic is simple: always bet against the public. Simply bet against whichever team most (public) bettors are currently supporting. Look at the underdogs first for any handicaps that might improve towards the favorites.

Value bettors use a similar strategy, but the main difference is that they are always looking for the handicap of the bet. They observe the movement of the handicap in the days leading up to the match to show the bets that lead to one team. Entering a large bet on one team will cause the betting handicap to move drastically. This type of bettor then bets on the opposite side.

Handicap “square” or “sucker” is a betting handicap designed by the sports book to lure the public to bet big. This is also known as a trap Usually, if a handicap is too good to be true, it is a bad handicap. If, for example. The Philadelphia side have won their last streak of games by double-digit goals and are now only six points seeded over Cleveland, it might be a trap.

Vary your bets. Don’t bet the same amount every game. If your information has a team that is very favorable compared to other games you are considering, then bet more on that game. If you bet two games with the same amount and you get split (one lose one win), you will still lose due to commission vig.

Place bets with your head, not your heart. Too often sports bettors won’t bet against their personal favorite team even when the facts clearly show they should. If you’re the type of fan who can’t make yourself a bet against the favorite team then you should avoid those games completely when you’re choosing matches to bet on.


Instructions for Playing Sports Betting

Often times when a team is in a winning streak, the bettors are always in favor and the handicap increases. Keep this in mind as you analyze games. Often teams on a winning streak will not cover the increased point spread.

The same principle applies at the start of a new season. It’s very common to see the previous year’s Super Bowl winner become a heavy favorite during the first few games of the following football season.

It’s not uncommon to see a point spread of up to twenty points or more for college team matches. Many college teams cover up this large deployment with ease; they can and do win by a large number of points, more than the pros. The NFL point spread tends to be much lower, in the three to six point range. It is not uncommon to see NFL teams being favorites to over fourteen points.

Analyzing the spread of points can go a long way in finding potential causes for losing bets. The home advantage is worth about three points in the NFL and about six in college games. So, when you look at an NFL team that is “poor” by a point or two, you may have identified a potential factor in the loss. The same is true of college team matches, where the team that is seeded by less than six points may lose when they are playing at home.

When you bet on football and basketball with a 110 point spread to win 100 on each bet, you have to win 52.38 percent of your bet just to break even. This is because you have to cover the vig (bookie commission) charged by the sports book. Vig makes a 4.5 percent house edge on this bet.


IDN Sports: General Sports Betting Instructions

Always make sure to double check your idn sports bet slip before leaving the counter. If mistakes are made, they can’t be fixed once you’re gone. You have to notify the cashier immediately, and he will issue a new ticket for you.

Sometimes the betting handicap can vary from casino to casino. Browse to find the best numbers for the game you wish to bet on. Handicaps on different sports books can vary by one point or more. The handicap notes you see in the newspapers may not be the same as those in the sports book, but they can be used as a comparison.

The Federal Wire Act prohibits the sending of game information over the telephone. Therefore, you are not allowed to use cell phones in the sports book area of ​​the casino. If you are seen making a call, you will be asked to hang up or leave the area.

Many factors determine the point spread, past performance, injuries, weather, where games are played, whether a team has been doing well recently, etc. Always check the weather and record injuries on match day before placing your bets. You can find all this information on the Internet, in your local newspaper, or on a televised pre-match event.

Odd makers set the handicap based on how they believe the public will bet. Handicap numbers do not determine which team must win. This is a very important fact that many sports bettors overlook. Sports betting isn’t just about choosing winners; it is also about understanding how the public will bet and how that can affect the odds on the game.


Tips to Win Parlay by Reading IDN Sports ODDS

Are you a person who likes to play soccer gambling parlay in idn sports? here I will provide tips as a reference when you want to bet the parlay by reading the ODDS matches.

Usually soccer gambling dealers will provide opportunities for us to win if we are smart in taking advantage of the ODDS they provide. Remember that this is just a reference only, it all comes down to how you win the parlay.




3.10 3.00 2.50: IN THIS ODDS AWAY WIN / OVER 2.5

2.05 3.40 3.60: IN THIS ODDS AWAY WIN / under 3

2.05 3.40 3.20: IN THIS ODDS AWAY WIN / UNDER 3

2.15 3.20 3.20: IN THIS ODDS HOME WIN / OVER 2.5

2.35 3.20 2.80: IN THIS ODDS HOME WIN / UNDER 3

1.62 4.25 5.00: IN THIS ODDS UNDER 3 / HOME -1 / 4 / DRAW)

2.40 2.20 3.20: IN THIS ODDS AWAY WIN

1.50 3.80 5.00: IN THIS ODDS HOME WIN 1 GOAL

3.60 2.40 2.20: IN THIS ODDS AWAY WIN

1.53 3.00 5.50: IN THIS ODDS OVER 2.5





1.62 4.25 5.00 — (IF ODDS CHANGES FROM 5.00 UP TO 5.50-7.00 THE RESULT WILL BE OVER 2.5 GOAL,


1.91 3.30 4.00 — (IF ODDS 4.00 UP TO 5.50-6.00 AND HOME ODDS DOWN TO 1.80 THE RESULT WILL BE CHANGED TO UNDER 2.5)