Sports Betting Strategy

One of the most popular and simplest betting strategies used by many players is betting against the public. The logic is simple: always bet against the public. Simply bet against whichever team most (public) bettors are currently supporting. Look at the underdogs first for any handicaps that might improve towards the favorites.

Value bettors use a similar strategy, but the main difference is that they are always looking for the handicap of the bet. They observe the movement of the handicap in the days leading up to the match to show the bets that lead to one team. Entering a large bet on one team will cause the betting handicap to move This type of bettor then bets on the opposite side.

Handicap “square” or “sucker” is a betting handicap designed by the sports book to lure the public to bet big. This is also known as a trap Usually, if a handicap is too good to be true, it is a bad handicap. If, for example. The Philadelphia side have won their last streak of games by double-digit goals and are now only six points seeded over , it might be a trap.

Vary your bets. Don’t bet the same amount every game. If your information has a team that is very favorable compared to other games you are considering, then bet more on that game. If you bet two games with the same amount and you get split (one lose one win), you will still lose due to commission vig.

Place bets with your head, not your heart. Too often sports bettors won’t bet against their personal favorite team even when the facts clearly show they should. If you’re the type of fan who can’t make yourself a bet against the favorite team then you should avoid those games completely when you’re choosing matches to bet on.

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